Wright – Premiere pro CC Tutorials for Photo/Video

We used iMovie for the first stop motion video – Now we are going to give you the chance to use a high level editing software called Premiere Pro by Adobe.

Here are the Tutorials for Premiere Pro that we will be using to get started:

Here is what we are going to do together in class:  First tutorial  Load this up and wait for us to start.

Here are some other tutorials that have been helpful and might describe things in a different way that may help you better:

Tutorial 2 – About 15 min – talks pretty slow – decent information  Click here: (Video)

Adobe Premiere Pro for Absolute Beginners:  about 21 min – good info but presenter has accent and talks a little fast sometimes.  Click here:

Adobe CC tutorial:  This one is actually done by a guy from Adobe – he is really good but this tutorial is over 37 min long.  Most complete tutorial – go here for Adobe tutorial

These are actually from Adobe about how to use their product:

Adobe Tutorials  There are 10 listed under “Get Started with Premiere Pro”  these are all pretty basic and good tutorials – each one is between 7 and 21 min.  On the same page you can look under “More Premiere Pro basics” and see if there is something that catches you eye.