Wright – Acne – touch up project

Search “acne removal photoshop” or Wrinkles or scars

Choose a few tutorials – there are multiple different ways to accomplish this do a minimum of 2! Some of the options will include – Layer maskig – spot healing brush – Clone Stamp – Smudge tools – Patch tool.  There is no right or wrong on the tools but some will work better than others on different pictures.

Here is a few examples but it it by no means the only or the best:

Spot Healing brush for Blemishes

Patch tool for Scars

You can choose 1 easy and then do a hard one and a real challenging one as well.- the more realistic it looks will give you bonus as well.  (Minimum is an easy and a challenging)

you need to have before AND after photos that correct the following problems:

1. Acne
2. Wrinkles/ Blotchy skin
3. Scars
after you have finished this 3 sets of photos you need to create a Tutorial on how you did ONE of the pictures that you did. Use screen shows to show the tools you used.

shift-apple-3 – (Shift – Command-3) Will give you the entire screen while,  shift-apple-4 (Shift – Command-4) – will let you pick what part of the screen that you want – it will put the image on the desktop after you take it.