Wright – Video Formats project


The first video project is a combination of research and video production workflow.

Details and Goal of Project

  • Create a commercial for one of the video formats researched
  • The video should convince the audience to use the format you have chosen
  • The video should be between 20 – 45 seconds
  • You are allowed to work in teams but EACH person MUST turn in their own commercial
  • Film and edit your own video


Define the following concepts. All of the information is online.

  1. What is digital video compression?
  2. Define at least 6 video compression formats
    • Video formats try to do the following
      1. Create a small file size
      2. Maintain high quality
      3. Be highly compatible with numerous devices
    • Examples are  .MOV, .AVI,  .MP4
      • You need to find at least 6 (You can use ANY 6)
    • Include the following information
      • 1.When was this video compression format created

        2.  Who created this video compression Format ?

        3. What are the strengths of this Video compression format ?

        4. What are the weaknesses of this Video compression format ?

        5.  Where will you find this video compression format be used most often.

        6.  Is this video compression format popular?  With what groups of people?

    • VideoMaker.com articles  (as references)
    • DVDYourMemories.com   (as references)
  3. Know what is NLE?
    • Include an example we have on our computers
  4. Sources are cited with an active link back to the web site


  • BEFORE you are allowed to film, the teacher needs to approve your STORYBOARDED idea
    • Have a concept and a rough script on paper to show the teacher for approval
  • Create a SHOT LIST
    • Use the back side of your storyboard to write the order you plan to film you scenes
  • The teacher needs to know where you want to film and what extra things you need, if any


  • Your partner will “act” for you and then you will switch roles
  • Film the needed video clips
  • Download any props or images to enhance you commercial (optional)


  • Use Premiere Pro CC to edit your commercial


  • Export video from Premiere to your desktop and we will move them to turn in when finished
    • The export option is under the EDIT menu item in Premiere
  • You can Upload to your school YouTube account as Unlisted

Sample Videos