Wright – Friday Nov 3rd

Photo/Video 2nd-3rd-4th

We are going to start with Stop Motion video project.

EVERYONE needs to finish and EXPORT your stop motion videos today!!

In the upper right hand corner of the iMovie screen is a button – it is an export button – when you push it you get 8 or 9 options – You are going to want to chose:

File- A new window pops up.  make sure you name it something you can remember ( probably include your name)

Resolution should either be 540p or 720p DO NOT CHOOSE 1080p

Quality can be low but  Medium is a better option

When you click next it will bring up a window to ask you WHERE you want to save it.  Put it somewhere you can find it.

If you finish this we will be doing VIDEOS next – here is a link for what we are doing:  Video Compression

Please remember to get all your cameras put away at the end of the period.


CNS:  Remember I had asked EVERYONE to do the tutorials posted here:  POST.  I want to see these done by EVERYONE individually- I am going to start to check off that each person has these done.  I have like 4 people checked off – the rest of you really need to be on this!!!!  Caleb and Jazlyn – make sure your group is getting this done!!!

Also,  If you need announcements and can’t get them off of the website – Mr. LeDuc or Rachel in the main office will probably be able to help.