Setting and Documenting Goals and Growth

CC image success by vaXzine at Flickr
CC image success by vaXzine at Flickr



  • Level 1.2 Discover self-motivation techniques and establish short-term goals

21st Century Skills


Produce Results

  • 10.B.1 Demonstrate additional attributes associated with producing high quality products including the abilities to:
    • 10.B.1.a Work positively and ethically
    • 10.B.1.b Manage time and projects effectively
    • 10.B.1.c Multi-task 10.B.1.d Participate actively, as well as be reliable and punctual
    • 10.B.1.e Present oneself professionally and with proper etiquette
    • 10.B.1.f Collaborate and cooperate effectively with teams
    • 10.B.1.g Respect and appreciate team diversity
    • 10.B.1.h Be accountable for results


Make Judgments and Decisions

  • 2.C.4 Interpret information and draw conclusions based on the best analysis
  • 2.C.5 Reflect critically on learning experiences and processes

Be Self-Directed Learners

  • 8.C.3 Demonstrate commitment to learning as a lifelong process
  • 8.C.4 Reflect critically on past experiences in order to inform future progress

Create Media Products

  • 5.B.1 Understand and utilize the most appropriate media creation tools, characteristics and conventions

Apply Technology Effectively

  • 6.A.2 Use digital technologies (computers, PDAs, media players, GPS, etc.), communication/networking tools and social networks appropriately to access, manage, integrate, evaluate and create information to successfully function in a knowledge economy

Setting a Stretch Goal

Step 1 – Research Roles and Pick One

You can research roles at Career Exploration and then pick one listed below.

Step 2 – Research Process

Step 3 – Research Format

Step 4 – Create a Blog Post

  • Create a blog post titled My Stretch Goal for the Year
  • Copy and paste the following and fill in:
    • Role – Pick a role, listed above, to focus on (director, musician, coder, etc. refer back to Career Exploration work)
    • Goal – What is your goal?
    • Why – Why do you want to achieve it?
    • How – How will you acheive it?
    • When – When will you work on it? 3 times a week? What days? How long per day?
    • Resources – What resources do you need?
    • Milestones – What smaller goals will you set along the way? Set weekly / monthly dates on a calendar. These are little celebrations of progress
    • Heroines / Heroes – Who do you admire/ look up to that has done this before? Place their name(s) and a link to more info about them. Maybe Wikipedia?

Step 5 – Record an Introduction Interview with SoundCloud /YouTube

  • and /or YouTube account
  • Record your Stretch Goal steps in the recording studio
    • You need at least one recording every 30 days (once a month)
    • Must be the same skill set, for each recording and growth must be obvious
  • Upload it to your SoundCloud/YouTube account
  • Embed in your blog post

Step 6 – Explore some Examples

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