Wright – Layer mask

Here are some links to Layer mask tutorials that will help you with some ideas:



slightly more complex version but REALLY helps you blend



You will need to turn in 4-6 photos that YOU have taken for this project – (phone photos NOT an option for this one)

they will be graded on 2 things:

  1.  Do they follow the 6 rules of photography
  2. Did you use the photoshop tools we have learned to “enhance” the photo.  I will be looking at:  Do the photos look natural after edits and does it make the photo look better.

You will also need to take 2 or more of the photos that you took for this project and use the skills you have learned from the list above and combine them into 1 photo.  You will be graded on:

  1.    Are the edges well blended
  2.   Do the added items look natural
  3.   Interest of subject that you created (just it just look like you took items and threw them together or do the make a seamless picture)

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