Wright – Creative commons citations/ 6 rules

FIRST:  I want you to Research the difference between Creative Commons and Copyright.  Make a slide ( in your portfolio) with your interpretation of how they are the same or different


Here is the  6 rules of photography page:  Kodak Photo Composition

Learn all 6 rules and find an example online for each of the 6 rules.

You are going to go to https://www.flickr.com/ and search for each of the 6 rules.

When you do a search a little menu pops up on the screen that says “any License” click it and change it to Creative commons – you may choose ANY of the pictures that show up after that – KNOW WHERE YOU GOT THEM – you are going to have to be able to find them again. (I suggest you copy and paste the web address into a word doc or google doc page.)


Here is a decent link to show you how to use proper citations for the creative commons pictures that you are finding.

Make sure you are following these rules as you cite your work

Proper citations


Put those 6 pictures in a presentation for the teacher using the proper citation from the link above (Remember all 4 parts:  Author name – link to source of picture – creative commons license – title of work)

AFTER THAT IS DONE:  Then you need to take a MINIMUM of 6 of your own photos – 1 photo to follow each rule – (each of those 6 photos should be improved with the basic photoshop tools we have learned)

Probably a little confusing – Please help each other out….