Wright- Photography manipulation

The biggest part of this project will be taking a good photograph and totally manipulating it into something fun and/or bizarre ūüôā

Here are some options (with samples) of what you can choose to do:

Surreal:These are going to be a combination of Photography and Photoshop.  Here are a few examples for you to look at:

You can look up surreal photography tutorials for other suggestions

Double face: 

DoubleFace2Here is an example: ¬†http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rF5CiWlAQ-I¬† On this first example he doesn’t use the correct noseExample 2: uses a layer mask to get the nose done correctly:¬†here and decent one as well

Here is a 3rd version: 2 face:

There are other tutorials that do the same you are welcome use one of those Рthere is a very good one in Turkish but if you watch his mouse clicks he is very good! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V9MKWGMZago

Partial face blends:  Partial face blend examples

FaceTran1 FaceTrans2

Tilt -Shift:    step by step example:

TiltShift2 TiltShift3

Double exposure:  One example:

DoubleExp3 DoubleExp2 DoubleExp1

Painting/Drawing effects:  first example:   Drawing example:

Water splash affect:  Water Splash Effect

Inline image 1
Geometric backgrounds:
Adding Texture to uneven surfaces:
Your choice!!! – if you find something you want added send me the link!

These are all examples and I will update and add more over the next few days!!!  If you have examples please email me a link and I can add it as a reference for other people.



Due Date – Friday June 2nd

-Must do at least 3 DIFFERENT types of manipulations

— you may only do a MAXIMUM of 3 pictures per type (i.e. you could only do 3 tilt shift photos)

Р Each photo is worth a maximum of 8 points but there are a possible 50 points total for the project (not all pictures will get 8 points) Make sure you turn in enough photos to get the grade you would like to receive

— You must have some original photography (pictures you took) in the project but you are allowed to use other photos – as long as you properly site the artist and source of your photo

In your portfolio label the project “Photo Manipulation” – you should also include the resource you used (i.e. a link to the tutorial)



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