Wright – Light Emphasis Photography

We are going to have 4 types of photos that you need to turn in.  For each type you will need to turn in more than one photo.

1.  Macro Photography:  (Close ups) – We are going to work with taking pictures with a Macro lens that will allow you to get very close images.  With this lens you will be able to get within about 2″ of the object that you are trying to photograph.  You will need a MINIMUM of 4 pictures with a macro lens.  I want at least 2 DIFFERENT set ups in your photos

2. Studio (Portraits)- You will be using the photo studio (lighting studio) with the full light kit and the different color backgrounds.  Do the White background first and then come back and do another color background. You will be given the setting for the white background but you will need to figure out your own settings on the other color background. MINIMUM 4 photos – 2 for White background and 2 for another color – (choose either Black or Blue)

3.  Extreme Shadow lighting  – You will be using the lights in the green room to create deep shadows on the person or object that you are taking pictures of.  The object to to get great focus on the part of the face/object that is lit up and the shadow part to be very dark, even black.  Minimum 4 photos – Try different angles on the camera and with the lights

4.   Category of your choice  – You will need to come up with a Theme for a few photos and take some photos that show off  your skills.  They can be more lighting photos if they are not specifically shadow photos.  You may do abstract photos and greatly enhance them in photoshop if you wish for this category. If you need ideas then please talk to me and I will help you come up with some ideas.  You need a Minimum of 4 photos.  (suggestions could be light painting or using a bokeh – example here 

For the project to be completed you must have the MINIMUM photos from each category.  If you are missing any section the project will be considered incomplete and not graded until the minimums are met.  A project that includes just the Minimums will be given a Maximum score of 80%

All photos for this project must be taken on or after April 27, 2017 photos taken prior to that date are not eligible for this project. 

All photos are expected to be enhanced in photoshop.

Estimated due date will be May 11th but could change if we are having troubles getting the whole class through the stations.

These photos will be added to the end of the last presentation that the students did for the first manual photography to just  continue on making a portfolio of their photography work for the semester.  Create a Title slide Labeled “Light Emphasis Photography” and all of the photos for this project should fall after that slide, and be labeled as to which of the 4 categories they apply to.