Wright – Silent Movie

Here is  a link to the site that we are going to use:

Make Silent Films

You need to review the rules and information that you will from this site – all questions you may have are on this site.

You will choose one of the music samples from this link:  Music

You need to make a video that meets the submission guidelines



Here is a link to the sample Story board that you must do TODAY!!!!!  No cameras until story boards are approved.

Things that need to need to be done in order.

1.  Pick sound track and download

2.  grab sample story board and blank storyboard sheet (grab extra pages if needed)

3.  Fill out story board for your movie (one per movie – if you have 2-3 people in your group you only need 1 storyboard)

4.  Get approval for story board

5.  AFTER APPROVAL start filming

Files: Silent movie story board  (Blank story board)  sample-storyboard2 – (To get an idea of what we are looking for on a story board)


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