Wright- Manual photography – Improvements

There are 2 parts to this project

Part 1:  You need to pick a type of photograph you have NOT done well with so far.

You are going to take a series of pictures that show IMPROVEMENT in that area… You will show the old photo and then new ones that show improvement (an example you could use is pictures that show motion – maybe in past pictures there was no point that was truly in focus so you are going to take pictures that show motion AND still have something in the photo that is in focus)

When you turn it in you must have the following:

  1. Old photo with explanation of what you don’t like and how  you want to improve it
  2. Thoughts of how to get better – (examples could be – looked up suggestions online – talked to Mr. Wright – I saw another student did a really good job on this type of photo and I was going to ask them to help me)
  3. New photos (3-4 for each photo you are trying to improve) and explanation of how you think they are better.  Use photographic terms like photo composition – focus – lighting -etc.

Part 2: I want  you to go online and find a tutorial about touching up or making photographs better.  

Choose a tutorial that matches the type of photograph you are using – it might be tips and tricks it might be a full on photoshop tutorial that you use for your photo.

Demonstrate how you used this in your photographs.

Very short turn around on this project you have Wednesday/Thursday/Friday ONLY to work on this .

If you have questions or would like more feedback on what you could use or do please feel free to email me kwright@osd.wednet.edu and I will try and answer if I am awake.  Been pretty sick so will do my best. Also please make sure you previous work is in the correct folder so I can see it.