Wright- Manual Photography – Copies

We are doing a short and quick assignment to continue to work on your skills using the manual settings on the camera

Here are your requirements:

  1.  Find a 2-4 pictures online that you would like to try and copy.  They should be photos that you can do during class time
  2. Using full manual settings do your best to copy those pictures.
  3. Add them to your 2nd semester portfolio

Here is the minimum requirements for the project – (minimum will get you a maximum 40 out of 50 points)

  1.  2 photos
  2. MUST have the f-stops and shutters speeds of all photos you took
  3. MUST include the picture you are trying to copy (Remember to Cite it to give proper credit)
  4. Must Include a before (straight off of the camera) and an after (One you editted in photoshop to clean it up)

if project does not include ALL of those items it will not be graded until it has all the require:

DUE DATE:  End of Period on Thursday Feb 16th