Wright – Manuel Photography Requirements

Here are the pictures you are REQUIRED to have to get credit:

2 pictures that show a SMALL Depth of Field

2 pictures that show a LARGE Depth of Field

2 pictures that show MOTION

2 Pictures that stop MOTION

4 Familiar / Strange photos. Pictures of something we see every day but from a different view point.


that is a MINIMUM of 12 different photos. (minimum gets you a maximum score of 85 out of 100)

EVERY picture must be edited in photoshop to look better.

EVERY picture must have the F-stops and shutter speed recorded and shown in the slide show

START a NEW Slide show for this semester Label the title slide for this project for EVERY photo I need to see.

  1. ┬áThe original photo – with no edits
  2. the F-stop/shutter speed
  3. the edited version of the picture
  4. Quick description of what edits you did to the picture (i.e. Changed the color balance)


Project is Due Thursday, Feb 9th at the end of the class period