Wright – Game Design Lesson Plans Updated Feb 21

These things should all be done – if not you are way behind

So here are the things you need to get done over the next 2 days:

  1.  Finish the 2 Unity tutorials from the last post Here:  CLICK THIS
  2.  Check this post to see if you have everything listed here for your DunDoc document:  Click here to check what you need
    1. if you are missing ANYTHING please get it updated
  3. That should get you where you need to be and probably take enough to keep you busy, BUT if not, go to the Unity 5 page  (just click) and do the videos under 5.C.1.B: Building Learner Scripting Skills – Extended Assignment – Follow exactly.  

I will be putting the tutorials and checking that you have the Dundoc updated on Thursday and putting it in the grade book – be prepared.



you should be working on


many of you have and are down to the bug report section.  I am asking Mr. LeDuc to stop by and help out with this section if possible


The next day I am back we are going to do the group activity in the end of 5.C.1.B