Wright- Manual Photography starters

Go Online and find information for the following:

You can also us Mr LeDuc’s post here:  http://capitalcomtech.info/2014/12/04/camera-operation-and-control/

for some information.  Type this up in a google doc for now so they can be shared or transfered to slides later on. (Items in bold need written answer

  • Identify imaging device (CCD imaging chip) size and resolution
  • Be able to Identify key controls on the camera
  • Explain resolution 
  • Explain shutter speed
  • Explain f-stop
  • Explain ISO
  • Explain light meter
  • Explain exposure relationship between shutter speed, f-stop, and ISO
  • Be able to identify different camera settings and some advantages and disadvantages of those settings
  • Be able to Use camera mounts and tripod

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