Unity Unit 1 – Introduction to Game Design

Unity Unit 1 - Intro to Game Design

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Activities in this unit of instruction are designed to provide a high level overview of game design and the game creation process. Learners will be introduced to various game genres during this unit. They will also become familiar with elements of game play and project management concepts, as related to interactive application and video game creation.


In this unit, learners will explore the following topics:

  • Game Design Overview (i.e. How are games created? Who creates them?)
  • Game Genres (e.g. first-person shooter, platform, racing, strategy)
  • Game Editor Introduction (e.g. projects, packages, navigation, views)
  • Game Element Overview (e.g. players, goals, narrative, decisions, balance)
  • Game Play Overview (e.g. rules, interactive modes, challenge types, level design)
  • Project Management Overview (e.g. charters, work breakdown structures, projects)


1.C.1.A: Exploring the Unity Editor


1.C.2.A: Game Developers Journal (Blog) Entry 1

Game Ideas Terra

Game Ideas Sam

Game Ideas

  • Create a blog post titled, 5 Capstone Project Ideas
  • Embed a Creative Commons image at the top of the blog post and cite your source
  • Enter at least five core game (i.e. product) ideas to be considered for your final Capstone Project
    • These do not need to be very detailed ideas, just a few sentences to capture the main game concept
    • Later, one of these ideas will be developed and delivered as your final Capstone Project submission
    • Write a detailed description of the game idea
    • Identify the game genre (detailed below)
  • Review Robin’s Final Presentation
  • Review Robin’s 5 Original Capstone Ideas

Game Genre’s

Minimum Viable Product 

Game GenresGame genres from simplest and most difficult to create from Extra Credits

  1. Racing Game
  2. Top Down Shooter
  3. 2d Platformer
  4. Color Matching Puzzle Game
  5. 2D Puzzle Platformer
  6. 3D Platformer
  7. FPS
  8. JRPG
  9. Fighting Game
  10. Action Adventure
  11. Western RPG
  12. RTS

Student Examples



Student Examples

1.C.2.A: Game Developers Journal (Blog) Entry 2

  • Part 1
    • Create a blog post titled, Contemporary Game Assignment
    • Copy and paste questions from the Modification Task Sheet (PDF) from assignment 1.C.2.B: Contemporary Game Assignment
    • Review format of blog post
    • Make sure you have the questions in your blog post
    • Remember to include an image at the top of the blog post
    • Refer to the Game Modification Plan Assessment Rubric (PDF) for guidance
    • Play the game Candy Crush Saga
    • Answer questions in your blog post
  • Part 2
    • Copy and paste questions from the Modification Plan (PDF) from assignment 1.C.2.B: Contemporary Game Assignment
    • Answer the questions in detail
  • Part 3
    • Mr. Le Duc will print out your Contemporary Game Assignment blog post
    • Staple a Game Modification Plan Assessment Rubric to the top of the print out
    • Label and circle on your printout where you have evidence of the score you think your work deserves on the rubric
    • Convince Mr. Le Duc you deserve the score you assessed for your assignment with the printed blog post and rubric