Studio Lighting Operation and Control

This CreativeCommons image is from Flickr by TheGiantVermin
Image from How to Use Three-Point Lighting
Image of three-point lighting from How to Use Three-Point Lighting


  • Explore lighting for 3 different more formal photos
  • Learn to use the photo studio, product studio and use a reflector
  • Learn three point lighting

Standards, Terms, and Concepts

  • Demonstrate and explain high key
  • Demonstrate and explain low key
  • Demonstrate and explain three point lighting
  • Demonstrate and explain key light
  • Demonstrate and explain fill light
  • Demonstrate and explain bounce light
  • Demonstrate and explain back or kicker light


  • Blog post with embedded images from Flickr


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  • Take4 studio pictures:
    1. Four in the portrait studio
      1. Front
      2. Profile
      3. Straight with squinch, forehead forward, chin down, jaw out
      4. Turned with squinch, front shoulder down, chin down, jaw out with ear toward the camera
    2. One in the product studio
    3. One outside with a reflector
    4. One outside without a reflector (the same person and setup from the reflector picture to show what it looks like without the extra light)
  • Take pictures in teams of three at each station
  • Upload pictures to your Flickr account
  • Embed your images in a blog post titled, Studio Lighting Project

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