Motif Making with A Triad

PianoChord C image from Wikimedia Commons



  • Convey knowledge and understanding of musical triads.

Musical Terms

  • Triad
  • Root note
  • Third note
  • Fifth note


  • Create a blog post with embedded media from SoundCloud and Flickr of your composition




  • Play Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (Live)
    • Listen for the motif on the guitar starting at 1:50 minute mark
    • Guitar Tabs
  • Explore motifs from
  • Explore free MIDI files
  • Pick a MIDI and music notation editors
    • – online
      • It is only a MIDI editor with notation but a good place to start
      • You can export the file as a MIDI file and import in one of the programs below
  • Listen to Beethoven 5th’s example from Howard Goodall’s Story of Music at 28:17 minute mark
    • Great example of a simple, yet profound motif and it’s development
  • Compose a riff / hook / motif / triad
  • Include the notes C, E, and G, the notes of the C major chord
  • Create a motif that has rhythm or movement to it
  • Stay within the same octave, example: only use C3, G3, E3 notes
  • Embed the motif from or
  • Take a screenshot of the music notation from
  • Upload the notation screenshot to Flickr
  • Create a blog post titled, Motif Making with A Triad
    • Create the headings:
      • Summary
      • My Motif
      • What I Learned
  • Embed your motif/riff into the blog post under the My Motif heading
  • Embed the notation screenshot into the blog post under the My Motif heading
  • Explain in your blog post how you composed your motif / riff / hook
    • Remember you are writing for an audience that was not in the class, so explain what the project was and what you did for it