Vox Ex Machina – The Voder

Voder image from 1939’s World Fair hosted at 99percentinvisible.org episode Vox Ex Machina

The Voder was invented by an engineer and speech scientist named Homer Dudley, who worked at Bell Labs, a research facility owned by AT&T. During the 1920s and 1930s, Bell Labs was doing all kinds of research into the human voice, exploring how to synthesize, digitize, and compress speech for long-distance transmission. – 99percentinvisible.org

  1. Listen to the podcast, http://99percentinvisible.org/episode/vox-ex-machina/
  2. Copy and paste the notes list below
  3. Take notes on these questions:

Notes from the 99% Invisible podcast Vox Ex Machina: 99percentinvisible.org/episode/vox-ex-machina/

  • What is a Voder?
  • What is a Voderette?
  • What did the Voderette control on the Voder?
  • How long would voderettes train?
  • When was it debuted?
  • What is speech synthesis?
  • Who is Homer Dudley?
  • Who did he work for?
  • What was created from his Research?
  • What world event happened on December 7th, 1941?
  • What was the only way to communicate over long distance at that time?
  • What is the A3 Scrambler?
  • Was the A3 Scrambler secure?
  • What was the Vocoder?
  • Was the Vocoder secure?
  • What was project X, or The Green Hornet, or SigSaly?
  • Was SigSaly secure?
  • What was the Global Encrypted Conference Center?
  • Where were some of the SigSaly terminals in the world?
  • What did the sending and receiving SigSaly terminals need?
  • How did the SigSaly encrypt the signal?
  • In encryption what is a One Time Key?
  • What did the SigSaly operators do with the records on the precision turntables while tuned into WWV radio station?
  • What did decrypted sound from the SigSaly sound like?
  • What was the most classified and sensitive component of SigSaly?
  • How many records were created?
  • What did SigSaly allow the US was about to do with their allies?
  • What did the enemy hear, if they intercepted a SigSaly encrypted message?
  • Why was the SigSaly project also called the Green Hornet?
  • What happened to the SigSaly machines at the end of WWII?
  • When was information about the SigSaly project declassified?
  • What technologies were developed from SigSaly project?