Song Structure


Research Song Structure

Research Song Building Blocks

Take notes on the follow sections in the article

  • Song Title
  • What Is A Hook?
  • Song Forms
  • AAA Song Form
  • AABA Song Form
  • AB or Verse / Chorus Song Form
  • Song Blocks
  • What Is An Introduction (Intro) Section?
  • What Is A Pre-Verse?
  • What Is A Verse?
  • What Is A Refrain?
  • What Is A Chorus?
  • Similarities and Differences Between Refrain and Chorus
  • What Is A Pre-Chorus / Climb / Rise / Channel / Transitional Bridge / Verse Extension / Prime?
  • What Is An Interlude / Link Section?
  • Bridges
  • What Is A Bridge (AABA Song Form)?
  • What Is A Bridge (Verse / Chorus / Bridge Song Form)?
  • What Is A Middle-Eight?
  • What Is A Collision?
  • What Is A Solo?
  • What Is An Ad Lib?
  • What Is A Coda / Outro?

AB Song Structure

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AB Song Structure Examples

ABC Song Structure

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ABC Song Structure Examples

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