Film Sound Design – (ADR) Automated Dialogue Replacement

Creative Commons image Sound Design: ADR Recording by Vancouver Film School at Flickr


  • Convey knowledge of post production audio and ADR terms and concepts and use this knowledge to build sound design with ADR for a short film

ADR Terms

Audio Post-production Terms


  • Create a blog post with embedded media from SoundCloud, YouTube, and Flickr of ADR sound design work



  • Day 1 – Create Blog Post, Add Section Headings, and Define Terms
    • Watch Darth Vader Voice Talent
    • Create blog post titled, ADR Project
    • Copy and paste the headings below
      • Summary
      • Film Before Visual ADR
      • Film After Visual ADR
      • ADR Process
      • Audio ADR Preparation
      • ADR Terms
      • Audio Post-production Terms
      • What I Learned and Problems I Solved
    • Under the ADR Terms heading
  • Day 2 – Re-watch Introduction to Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR)
  • Day 3 – Re-watch The Fundamentals of Sound in Post Production
  • Day 4 – Introduction to Equipment and Audio Recording and Editing Workflow
  • Day 5 to 2nd to Last Day of Project – Create a sound design for the short film
    • Include ADR sound
  • 2nd to Last Day
    • Under the Film Before ADR Sound heading
      • Upload and embed from YouTube the video without the sound design
      • Write a sentence describing what we see
    • Under the Film After ADR Sound heading
      • Upload and embed from YouTube the video with the sound design
      • Write a sentence describing what we see
    • Under the ADR Process heading
      • Upload and embed from Flickr a picture of you capturing ADR sound
      • Write a sentence describing what we see

      Under the Audio ADR Preparation heading

    • Under the What I Learned and Problems I Solved heading
      • Explain what you learned and at least one problem you overcame
      • Include a link to a tutorial you used and
      • Describe how you used it
    • Under the Summaryheading
      • Write a brief description overview of the whole project
  • Last Day
    • Present film and ADR


  • GarageBand
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube
  • Flickr


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