Film Sound Design – Ambient Sound, Library Sound & Foley

Image from article Watch Hugh Jackman go absolutely nuts recording sound effects for Logan from

Creative Commons image Foley Room at the Sound Design Campus by Vancouver Film School at Flickr


  • Convey knowledge of audio recording signal chain, ambient sound, Foley sound, and library sound effects terms and concepts and use this knowledge to build sound design for a short film clip


  • Create a blog post with embedded media from SoundCloud, YouTube, and Flickr of sound effects work.

Audio Signal Chain Terms

Foley and Sound Effects Terms



  • Day 1 – Create Blog Post, Add Section Headings, and Define Terms
  • Day 2 – Re-watch  The Basics of Recording Audio for Digital Video
  • Day 3 – Re-watch Introduction to Foley and Sound Effects for Film
  • Day 4 – Introduction to Equipment and Audio Recording and Editing Workflow
    • Equipment and Processes Reviewed
      • Microphones
      • Microphone placement
      • Cables
      • Recorder Settings
      • Downloading to computer from audio deck
      • GarageBand Editing
    • Form teams of three for a Sound Safari
      • Review team roles
    • Get Sound Safari Team Roles Form (PDF)
      • Fill it in
    • Get an Zoom H4n Audio Deck Recorder
    • Watch Mr. Le Duc explain how to use the Zoom H4n Audio Decks
    • GetZoom H4n Audio Deck Settings Form (PDF)
      • Fill it in
    • Clear the files on the deck SD Cards
    • Work in your team to record at least some sounds from the environment
    • Download the sounds with a USB cable
    • Check to make sure you actually saved the files
    • Save files to the 1st Le Duc School of Rock folder on the Newton server
  • Day 5 – Plan and Research Sounds for the Film Clip
    • Watch the Studio Ghibli Movie The Wind Rises Movie CLIP – Earthquake (2014) without sounds numerous times and write down all the sounds you think you will need to help the story flow
      • It was directed by Hayao Miyazaki
      • He liked using human voices for many of the sound effects
    • Remember that when you see something new there should be a sound or sounds to accompany the visual change
      • Include at least 20 sounds in your list
    • Research how to make these sounds
  • Day 6 – Record at least 20 Sounds on a Sound Safari and Edit into One Mp3 File
    • Goal for the Sound Safari:
      • Replace the sound for the Studio Ghibli Movie The Wind Rises Movie CLIP – Earthquake (2014)
    • Record at least 20 sounds to use as sound effects
    • Edit the sounds into one mp3 in GarageBand
      • Edit the files so that they play one after the other quickly, about one second apart
    • Upload the mp3 file to Soundcloud and embed in the blog post under the Sound Library heading
      • Embed a screenshot from Flickr of the edit screen in GarageBand
      • List the sounds in order that we hear them in the mp3 file
  • Day 7-10 – Begin Working on Foley for The Class Film Clip
    • Watch video tutorial Sound FX in GarageBand 10
    • Replace the sound for The Wind Rises Movie CLIP – Earthquake (2014) from Studio Ghibli Movie
      • Take The Wind Rises Earthquake Scene – Without Sound and add your sound design to it
        • Make sure you are signed into your OSD YouTube account to access the file,
      • Record ambient sound
      • Record Foley effects for the sound design
        • Take a picture of your team doing the Foley process
        • Place this picture under the Foley Process heading
      • Export the finish video clip with both the sound effects your recorded in teams and the Foley you added, too
      • Remember to FILE > MOVIE > EXPORT AUDIO TO MOVIE
      • Export Audio to Movie
  • 2nd to Last Day
    • Under the Film Before Sound Effects heading
      • Embed a YouTube video with original sound
      • Write a sentence or two describing what we see and hear
    • Under the Film After Sound Effects heading
      • Upload and embed from YouTube the video with the sound design
      • Upload and embed from Flickr a screenshot of the audio tracks in GarageBand
      • Write a small paragraph explaining what we see and hear
    • Under the Foley Process heading
      • Upload and embed from Flickr a picture of you capturing Foley sound
      • Write a a small paragraph explaining what we see
    • Under the What I Learned and Problems I Solved heading
      • Explain what you learned and at least one problem you overcame
      • Include a link to a tutorial you used and
      • Describe how you used it
  • Last Day
    • Present your sound design for the clip
    • Watch ROADTRIP NATION Challenge the Status Quo
      • Skywalker Ranch, where Star Wars sound designer Ben Burtt recounts driving cross-country to California twice before his dreams of being a sound designer beat back his fear of change; plus Pixar animator Ralph Eggleston on getting beyond the world you inhabit and going deeper into what interests you, and Janice Levenhagen-Seeley of ChickTech on challenging the status quo.


  • GarageBand
  • Soundcloud
  • YouTube
  • Flickr


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