(NAME of GAME) Game Production

Creative Commons image Microsoft Kinect kiosk at Game Design Expo 2011 by Vancouver Film School


  • Create a game
  • The game should be well planned, show what you have learned (effective use of game design), and be very polished

21st Century Skills

  1. Pick one 21st Century Leadership Skill from each of the four sections linked below
  2. Demonstrate these four skills during this project
  3. Gather evidence of these skills
  4. Include your evidence in your (NAME of GAME) Game Production blog post


  • Present developed idea and GDD to teacher for approval




  • Week 1
    • Day 1 – Create Blog Post and Add Headings
      • Create a blog post titled (NAME of GAME) Game Production
      • Create headings for:
        • Summary
        • 21st Century Skills Demonstrated
        • The Game
        • Reactions to the Final Version
        • Evaluation of the Final Version
        • What I Learned and Problems I Solved
      • Write the four 21st century goals for the project under the 21st Century Skills heading
    • Day 2 – Begin Pre-production
      • Planning and preparation
        • Research ideas
        • Create a Game Plan
        • Create designs, storyboards, list of coding needed, etc.
        • Prepare tools; equipment,
        • Organize talent and props
        • Learn script
  • Week 2
    • Day 6 – Begin Production
      • Code
      • Use the equipment to capture images and sound
      • Gather supporting material
        • Foley sound effects
        • Images
      • Adapt game plan, as needed
      • Organize files
  • Week 3
    • Day 11 – Begin Post-production
      • Edit game
      • Edit / add sound
      • Recode, as necessary
      • Add titles and credits
      • Publish video of game play to YouTube
  • Week 4
    • Day 16 – Second to Last Day
      • Publish game
        • Embed video of game play into blog post under the Game heading
      • Finish the Summary and What I Learned and Problems I Solved sections of blog post
    • Day 15 – Watch game play



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