(NAME of FILM) Film Production

Creative Commons image Film Production: Cinematography by Vancouver Film School


  • Create a film that ‘makes us care’
  • The film should be well planned, show what you have learned (effective use of film language: narrative, mise en scéne, cinematography, sound, and editing), and engage the audience with a clear protagonist struggling for something against some thing

21st Century Skills

  1. Pick one 21st Century Leadership Skill from each of the four sections linked below
  2. Demonstrate these four skills during this project
  3. Gather evidence of these skills
  4. Include your evidence in your (NAME of FILM) Film Production blog post




  • Week 1
    • Hour 1 – Create Blog Post and Add Headings, Fill Into 
    • Hours 2-5 – Begin Pre-production
      • Planning and preparation
        • Set film intention or goal with your group
        • Set your specific role creative and technical intentions (goals)
          • This should be based on the research of successful filmmakers in the same role
        • Research genre, style, theme, etc. for the film
          • Choose these and set the tone for the film
        • Create a screenplay, storyboards, blocking, lighting, shot list, etc. – based on your role
          • Storyboard template
        • Prepare equipment
        • Practice set up and recording
        • Organize talent and props
        • Learn script
  • Week 2
    • Hours 6-10 – Begin Production
      • Use the equipment to capture images and sound
      • Gather supporting material
        • Foley sound effects
        • Images
      • Adapt script and set up, as needed
      • Organize files
  • Week 3
    • Hours 11-15 – Begin Post-production
      • Edit film clips
      • Edit/add sound
      • Reshoot, as necessary
      • Add title and credits
  • Week 4
    • Hour 16 – Second to Last Day
      • Publish to YouTube
      • Embed film under the Film heading
      • Create commentary video and embed, if required for this project
    • Hour 17 – Present Film for feedback
    • Hours 18-20 – Receive feedback and finish to blog post


  • Your creative mind!


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