Podcast Recording Project – My Favorite Song’s Arrangement

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  • Convey knowledge of audio mixing and song composition terms in a media production.

Define These Terms


  • Create a blog post with embedded media from YouTube, SoundCloud, and/or Flickr off your mastered composition.

2018 Student Songs

Favorite Song List



  • Day 1 – Create Blog Post, Add Section Headings, Learn Terms and Concepts
  • Day 2 and 5 – Learn about composition elements, copyright, the Creative Commons, write and record the script
    • Watch this brilliant example of song arranging from the movie Begin Again original (1:00) performance imagined arrangement (17:40) and roof top performance
    • Create a heading titled My Script
    • Create a free account at Celtx.com
    • Watch a Celtx Tutorial
    • Review article on Two-Column, Split-Page Script Format
    • Use Celtx.com to format and write the script
      • Reminder: use AV format
      • Include the following in the script:
        • Start with a description including the fact that you are creating a Creative Commons educational project and copyrights remain with all copyright holders
        • Comment on the COMPOSITION of the song
          • Identify the KEY
          • Describe the SONG STRUCTURE
          • Identify the TEMPO
          • Describe what you like about the RHYTHM
          • Describe the instrument’s TIMBRE
          • Describe the instrument’s PITCH
          • Describe the song’s ARRANGEMENT
            • Read more about Song Arrangement
            • Identify the main TRACKS that are part of the arrangement
            • What do you like about the tracks arrangement?
          • Describe the MIX
            • How do the instruments sound together?
          • Cut away to parts of the song in between your narration
          • Place these cut aways notes in the left column of the AV formatted script
          • Compose your narration text in the right column, the stuff you will say
          • Export as a PDF file
      • Print a copy and rehearse with it for the recording studio
    • Share requirements for Fair Use of copyrighted material from commonsensemedia.org and Soundcloud copyright information
      1. Only use a small amount of the work
        • Less than 30 seconds of the song, total with each clip being only 5 to 15 sections
      2. Add new meaning to the work to make it original
        • Be analytical
          • Describe the ‘what’ of the song element
            • What are we listening to?
              • Describe it as if the person reading your script cannot hear the sound clip
          • The ‘why’ the segment is compelling/effective for making you feel something?
          • ‘How’ does this segment work with the rest of the song?
          • ‘How’ does a it further the songs message/ feeling?
      3. Rework it and use it in a totally different way
        • This is done by mixing your commentary and opinion
      4. Use it for nonprofit purposes
        • This is done by using it for education and setting your SoundCloud settings to Creative Commons
  • Day 6 – Edit the song clip
    • Mix the narration and song clips together tastefully to tell a good audio story
  • Day 7 through second to last day of project, Mix and Edit All the Audio
    • Mix the sound clips and audio levels
      • Be sure to have the clips blend together nicely
    • Upload your podcast mp3 to Soundcloud
      • Be sure to add copyright information about the song and describe that you were creating this podcast as part of a school project in the Soundcloud description
      • Make sure your file is in the Creative Commons at Soundcloud
        • SoundCloud Creative Commons
    • Create Audio Mixed Podcast heading
      • Embed your Soundcloud file
      • Embed a screenshot of the tracks with the volume automation curves visible
        • Be sure to adjust the horizontal zoom slider so that all regions are visible
    • Create What I Learned heading
      • Explain what you learned and at least one problem you overcame
  • Last Day
    • Present your podcast


  • Celtx.com
  • GarageBand
  • Audacity
  • iTunes
  • SoundCloud
  • Flickr


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