Sound Safari Team Roles

Creative Commons image from Flickr by skyfaller
  • We are smarter than me.
  • All students will take turns in the following team roles.
  • We will rotate each time we go on safari.

Recorder/Technician: Microphone Operations

  • Get Microphone
  • Get a Zoom H4n Audio Deck
  • Turn on the recording device
  • Delete all media on the card
  • Set recorder settings to teacher recommendation
  • Check device is working

Director/Producer: Know the Plan / Write It Down

  • Get clipboard
  • Get a piece of paper
  • Get pen or pencil
  • Write the date
  • Record team number or letter
  • Record team member names
  • Write who recorded what
  • Record the information for each sound clip

Sound File Manager: Download and Save Sound File

  • Get a multimedia cable
  • Plug cable into the USB port in the back of the computer
  • Turn on recorder
  • Download sound clips
  • Drag sound clips to desktop and add them to your Google Drive folder and share with your team
  • Turn off  recorder
  • Bring back to the teacher