Sound Safari Team Roles

Creative Commons image from Flickr by by skyfaller

We are smarter than me.  All students will take turns in the following team roles.  We will rotate each time we go on safari.

Recorder/Technician: Microphone Operations

  • Get Microphone
  • Turn on recording device (microphone)
  • Delete all media on card
  • Set recorder settings to teacher recommendation
  • Check device is working

Director/Producer: Know the Plan / Write It Down

  • Get clipboard
  • Get piece of paper
  • Get pen or pencil
  • Write the date
  • Record team number or letter
  • Record team member names
  • Write who recorder what
  • Record the information for each sound clip

Sound File Manager: Download and Save Sound File

  • Get a multimedia cable
  • Plug cable into USB port in back of computer
  • Turn on recorder
  • Download sound clips
  • Drag sound clips to desktop and add to class shared folder on Newton Server
  • Turn off  recorder
  • Bring back to the teacher



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