Profiles in Success – Rob Machado and Alaia Surfboards

Rob Machado – Image from WikiCommons

What gives you a natural high?  How do successful people get and maintain happiness and thrive in an uncertain world?  Let’s take a look at Rob Machado, professional surfer.

The Drifter – A film about Rob soul searching

  • “A surfer is trying to identify the rhythm of his soul in the surrounding world. He uses travel as a tool which allows him to discover himself.” –

Mr. Le Duc’s Story of Becoming a Surfer

  • Inspired by the movies Surf’s Up and The Present
  • He decided to make an Alaia,  an ancient Hawai’ian wooden surfboard
  • He could not find a good guide to build one so he sought mentors
  • He found some mentors in The Wegener Brothers
    Tom Wegener
  • Mr. Le Duc decided to document his building process
  • Mr. Le Duc’s Alaia Surfboard how-to images at Flickr
    • It took about 30 hours and $100 of supplies
    • These images and short video clips are gifts to the DIY surfer community as a thank you to all that helped him along the way to building his board
    • Video of shaping
    • Video of sanding