Linkedin Recommendation Process


Information Source




  • Request to join Mr. Le Duc’s network
  • Ask Mr. Le Duc accept the request
  • Search
  • Join another students network
  • Ask them to accept your request, verbally
  • Have the student accept the request
    • They have to accept you into their network before you can recommend them!
  • Write the recommendation in Word or another word processor
  • Check the grammar and spelling
  • Have someone else proofread your recommendation before you send it
  • Receive feedback from another student, using the feedback form
  • Send the recommendation
  • Have the student approve the recommendation, if they feel it is well written
    • If you need to revise it, do so
  • Re-send the recommendation for approval
  • Ask the recipient to approve it, if they feel it is well written
  • If you need to edit the recommendation, follow this part of the Recommendation Tutorial

Feedback Form