Linkedin Profile and Blog Link


Create a profile for your account

  1. Watch Linkedin explained in Plain English
  2. Learn to create an effective profile
  3. Follow the steps for creating your profile at Linkedin
    • Use your school district email address
    • Go to
    • Click Join Today
    • Select Student
    • Type in Capital High School
    • Find Scott Le Duc and join his network or click on the link below
    • Fill in the following sections:
      • Summary
      • Experience
      • Education
      • Awards
      • Skills & Expertise
  4. Have someone proofread your profile
  5. Set your Linkedin profile to safe
    • Watch the Safe Settings Video Tutorial
      • No Pictures
      • No Last name
      • Nothing personal like home address
      • Remember this is a professional portfolio it is all about your experience, skills, and goals
  6. Add a link to your Linkedin account on the side of your blog
  7. Tell Mr. Le Duc you are done and he’ll check it off in the grade book