PHP & MySQL Application Project

Your client needs a PHP and MySQL application built in two days.  They want a Student Information Management System (SIMS) to organize their student information.

  1. You will get credit for each fully functional working script.  Please work together to gain access to the resources and problem solve issues.
  2. Maintain a work flow journal to document how much time you spent on each script and record any troubles you had and how you overcame them.  Include a link to the working application when finished.

They need the following fields for the records system

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Grade (Graduation Year)
  • Gender
  • Email Address
  • Comments


  • Create a folder titled SIMS in your public_html folder on HULK (5 points)
  • Create a login or authorization script for password protection (5 points)
  • Create an input page to add student information (5 points)
  • Create an output or list page that shows all the information in the database (5 points)
  • Create deletion script to delete information from the database table (5 points)
  • Create a search script (5 points)

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