Le Duc Sub Notes for March 8th

  • Web Development (Period 1)
    • Work on your report.php project
    • Publish your report.php file to your hulk account
      • I will look for it from home today!
  • Intro to Com Arts (Periods 3, 4 and 6)
    • Work on your logo and business card in Illustrator
      • Check out tv.adobe.com for more help
      • Continue trying tutorials at tv.adobe.com
    • Save your work to your Newton Server account
    • Post a blog entry about what you learned today
      • I will be reading them from home
      • If I don’t see a blog post, no credit for being on task today!
    • Be ready to share both tomorrow
  • Vis Com Students (Periods 3, 4 and 6)
    • Publish your self evaluation TODAY!
      • Title your blog entry: Project 1 Self Evaluation
      • Many students have not done this and it’s worth a big part of your grade
      • I won’t accept it after tomorrow
    • Be ready to share your blog entry and project 1 work tomorrow
  • GenTECH
    • Continue working on your project
    • Post a blog entry on your progress
    • Projects are due at the end of this week
    • Criterion I will be due at the end of this week

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