Generation TECH Problem Projects

Problems for 2011-12

Alex Acess to Mr. DeBruyne class information 24/7
Chance More right brain retention with Mr. Deakins’ presentations
Mariya Laviollette’s homepage: needs more updating of assignments and study guides
Marina Laviollette’s website: needs to be more organized for list of assigned homework
Felix Visiting web sites from a mobile device is cumbersome and rendering takes too long
Nate Mr. Bove’s Homepage needs to be finished
Corey CHS webpage has out of date material and dead links
Julian make homework for absent people more easily available
Shea Mr. Carlson has no website.
Hanna Better communication/information on the Yearbook extra-curricular page
Ally Ms. Boelts has no homepage–better communication with students/parents
Austin the band has no calendar online.
Cheyne Club page on website could be better; advertisements for the clubs would be good
Alec online access to all school work.
Tai Ms. Dinsmore’s Man CHoir needs more members
Abel Teachers giving large projects at the same time
Branden Choir needs easy access to sheet music/practice material & dates
Connor Ms. Uriveg needs a website
Ben Mr. Joling has no website
David K. Make Mr. Le Duc’s presentation available anywhere and anytime.
David B. Do students really know what resources that are available in school
Andrea Street/Shine IB blog needs to be organized
Jimmy Tutoring program needs to be more publicized
Julia Students not making healthy food choices

Past Ideas

NNAMDI Student access to home online
ROHIN Players and fans are not able to view films of games after the game
SALIMA Not enough knowledge about neighborhood association
NATHAN Information getting to seniors
LIZ Communications between students and admin
GREG Multiple OS’s for class
JOSH Robot parts and inventory
CAMPBELL Choir and music concerts are disorganized and confusing to performer
STEVE People in th community are not making healthy choices
CONNOR Assignment lists are not readily available for those who miss school
ALLISON Difficulty in payment of extracurricular activities and materials
GAIUS People don’t recycle in school as often as possible
JENNY Our orchestra has no records of anything, so I was thinking I could make a database of names and songs played and such
MARIKO Limited access to gymastics skill book outside of practice
AMY Ballet NW / Johansen’s unorganized / OBJH attendance
VIVEK Track and field has a record board except no one knows what the records are
COURT C.A.S. organized data sheet to monitor students progress
HANNAH Not a lot of information about clubs at school
KEVIN Bad pet handling skills – Talk to Le Duc about this one
LUKE No way for teachers to digitally record art work
JOEY Find a way to organize Y ball better
TAISHENG Organize ITGS class requirements @ Capital

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