Student Personality Cards

1. Take These Surveys/Quizzes

Survey/Quiz Links:

2. Record Information From Quizzes with Screenshots

  • From the Myers-Briggs Quiz
  • personality_results1
  • From the Multiple Intelligences Quiz, pick your top 3 percentages (%)
  • MI screenshot
  • Take a screenshot on a Mac
    • Hold down these three keys on a Mac: COMMAND + SHIFT + 4 then drag over the area you want to take a screenshot picture of on the desktop with the mouse
    • This will give you a picture of your survey results on the desktop

3. Pick a Career

  • Review the
  • Chose a career path that seems interesting to you NOW
  • Save this career path for Creator section of the YuGiOh card form

4. Watch The Screencast Tutorial

5a. Copy the survey/quiz results into or template.

5b. Open the image below in a new tab to guide you with filling in the card maker field

Magica Card maker II

  • Refer to the image above frequently to make sure you are filling in the correct fields with the required information

6. Save Your Card to The Desktop The Shared Directory/Folder on the Newton Server

  • Click and drag the finished card from the Card Maker Web Site to the desktop
  • Rename the image of your card your last name and place in the class Newton Server Folder
    • Example: Period 1 Le Duc Film —> MAGIC Card Folder